Our story

GoPure introduces you to a world full of honest flavours, rich textures and unique combinations. Read here about where the journey begins!

GoPure and Yellow Chips

GoPure takes you on a voyage of discovery. A trip to discover honest flavours, rich textures and unique combinations. From the most refined types of potatoes to ‘forgotten’ vegetables and surprising spices from afar. It is our passion to produce the most delicious organic chips. That’s why we seek out new flavours and explore new paths. Our source of inspiration is the world itself. What a yummy place to be!

GoPure is produced by Yellow Chips, based in Emmeloord, the Netherlands. As a young enterprise, we collaborate, communicate and innovate just as we like. For GoPure, that means intensive contact with organic farmers and growers, honest product information for you, and regular market shake-ups with our new ideas and products.

‘The most delicious organic chips ever? That’s what the whole GoPure team aims to deliver.’

Katharina Haack, Brand Manager

Straight from the land

The Dutch seasons are nowhere as Dutch as in the Noordoost polder surrounding Emmeloord. Where the glowing warmth of the sun can make way for lashing rain in a matter of minutes. We love the polder, just as it is. And you know what? Our potatoes, vegetables and fruits really love it here too.

We are so happy to be able to source so many of the ingredients for our chips right from our next-door neighbours. Straight from the land, often with the polder clay still clinging on. That’s GoPure: honest and delicious. Our products don’t lose their natural  flavour — you don’t need to read the packaging to taste what’s in it. Go ahead and try!

‘We want to keep surprising you with the yummiest organic chips! That’s the pure passion of GoPure’

Maarten Brouwer, Operations Director

Choose your moment

GoPure fits with a mindful life. With an awareness of natural resources, the environment and of course each other.  That’s where honest products and clear information fit in. No frills, no nonsense. That’s what GoPure is all about.

With GoPure, you always know exactly what you’re eating. Not just natural and organic, but free of allergens and gluten, and – obviously – fully vegan. It makes conscious enjoyment – alone or with friends – very tempting indeed. Choose your own moment!

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