30 OCTOBER 2020

We’re hooked – how about you?

You won’t believe what our chips makers have come up with now: chips made with red Chioggia beetroot, parsnip and purple sweet potato. And you won’t believe how amazing they are! As soon as you tuck into this new mix, you experience sweet, smooth and earthy flavours – with a little bit of sea salt to top it off. Not to mention the unique bite that this veggie mix delivers, like the crunchy crumbliness of the baked parsnip and the dense bite of the fried beetroot and purple sweet potato slices. It’s the perfect accompaniment to a refreshing late-afternoon drink, or a side dish with dinner. We’re hooked – how about you?

The new veggies mix is now on the shelves. Are you looking for a store in your community? The GoPure team is ready to help you: zegnouzelf@gopure.org.