21 NOVEMBER 2017

GoPure launches Fruits & Veggies!

Chips, but then completely different: that’s our Fruits & Veggies! Thanks to our unique preparation of the tastiest vegetables and tip-top fruit, it’s a super combo!
First, there’s the parsnip and red beet with their naturally earthy undertones. We slice them finely before frying them in organic sunflower oil. That gives them that deliciously crunchy bite. Then we add an ample quantity of thinly sliced tangy apple. This we didn’t fry but let dry, very slowly, until the fruit gets that lovely, velvety-soft bite. And there you have the perfect combination!

Is this normal? No! Is this good? Absolutely! And of course the chips are 100% vegan, full of fibre, and without any added sugar. And what’s more, the chips come in a delicious natural variant and in a variant with a refined cinnamon and anise flavour. Give it a try. We bet you’ll be an instant fan of our new Fruits & Veggies!

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